New Testimonials from My Latest Roster of Passing Students for February 2018

If you are anything like me you just experienced one of the worst moments of your life. You're frantically trying to make sense of it and develop a plan to pass the next exam. In making my plan, I knew this was my only remaining shot. I would not be taking the bar exam for a third time. My 'big law' job was on the line. After my first call with Steve (I talked to many others), there was no question. He was the guy who was going to help me get those last few points to pass. My score for the July bar was close to passing. But I wanted a margin. Steve has fantastic bar material. The outlines he provided crystalized areas of law that I never had a good handle on. Steve is going to critique your writing. You are going to learn how to write in short sentences, and follow a formula that the grader is looking for. In a few short weeks, all of your exams are going to look the same. The grader only takes a minute or so to review the essays. This first "appearance" matters. Steve's formula, with his help, is going to become second nature to you. Game day, you'll be flexing your toned muscle memory and pumping out passing essays without breaking a sweat. My problem was the MBE questions. Steve has a system for learning how to master them. In mastering these questions, you are becoming really well versed in the nuances of the law. Which in turn helps the essays. Steve was with me every step of the way, and personalized the process. --  I passed the bar because of Steve's program. You cannot put a $$$ dollar figure on that.”—K.E. (University of California Irvine School of Law)

“I was in your position not too long ago. Steve’s program was instrumental in my success on the February 2018 California Bar Exam. He improved my writing tremendously by focusing on thorough analysis and structure. Learning and consistently following his essay and PT writing approach was key. His approach to organizing the PT was clear and efficient, enabling me to save time by quickly spotting the law and relevant issues without sacrificing quality. Steve is a no-nonsense guy. He will help you get where you need to be so long as you are willing to put in the work. He will keep you on task. So long as you have an open mind, listen and stick to Steve’s plan, you will put your self in the best position to pass the bar exam through his leadership. I highly recommend Steve.”--Chris Allen (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)

"I found Steve after I talked to a friend who was a repeat taker that finally passed after taking Steve's course one time. Steve Zikman encompasses what it means to truly be a Master Instructor. To me the three most important things that Steve provides are: The Blueprint, The Method, The Perspective. Steve's Blueprint includes very comprehensive and compact outlines that help you break down all tested subjects into bite-sized material that is very manageable to learn given the time constraints. Steve's Method helps you write exactly what the Bar questions ask you for. Within the outlines are countless tips on how to write certain subjects within the material that lets the Bar Reader know that YOU as the student know your Law. Steve instills within you a structure to every essay that is "pleasing to the eyes" and easy to follow as a Bar Reader. Most importantly, Steve provides Perspective. Throughout my preparation Steve played the role of a Bar Reader and showed me what they are looking for. He hammered into my head constantly that Bar Readers take very little time to review your essay answer and that structure, delivery, and analysis all must be precise and exact. Steve was relentless because he knows that you only have to make a few mistakes on the Exam in order not to pass. Steve also knew when to ease off the gas and tell me to rest, relax, take a step back, and KEEP PERSPECTIVE. This is a test. All tests can be conquered. As a student I developed a strong trust with Steve because he reminded me to keep working and moving forward even when some subjects were very difficult to get through. As I sat for the exam I constantly heard his voice in the back of my head and it allowed me to leave no stone unturned and to take advantage of every hour, minute, second. I am eternally grateful to Steve Zikman. Thank you for helping me pass the February 2018 Bar Exam.... THE LOWEST PASS RATE IN CA HISTORY!!”-- Charles W. (Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law)

I could not have passed the California Bar Exam without Steve. Steve kept me on track, held me accountable and gave me the feedback that I needed to improve. I studied over the holiday season and Steve didn’t let me miss a beat. He kept me on schedule, which I would not have done on my own – I have 2 young kids and I was working. He went line by line through each essay that I turned in and gave me constructive feedback that I used to improve my essays. He taught me exactly how to write my essays and PTs to get passing scores. The drilldowns were equally helpful and brought my score on the MBEs up significantly. His method is a proven winner, and I cannot recommend Steve highly enough!”—Martha Yancey (University of New Hampshire School of Law)

“I did a lot of shopping around before deciding to take Steve’s course, I must have called every private tutor in the LA area. I cannot begin to explain how happy I am that I took Steve’s course. His course is designed to help you pass this thing. And that’s all that really matters. On my initial call with Steve, he told me that to pass this test, I needed to trust his method. And that’s exactly what I did. I was also holding down a full-time job during bar prep. Steve and I were able to schedule our calls and assignments around my work schedule. If you're working and studying, my advice would be to start his course as early as possible. As the weeks went on, I could see major improvements in my writing (specifically in my analysis) and on my MBE after doing his Drilldowns and seeing where my weak subject areas were. He has some really solid test taking tips and those definitely came into play during the exam. Another thing that was great was the accountability factor. Steve held me accountable through all of bar prep, which was huge for me. He got me to where I needed to be.”--T.K. (California Western School of Law)

Working with Steve was a key part to succeeding on the bar exam. Steve has created a program that fully prepares you for what you have to expect on the day of the bar. Some of the biggest benefits about working with Steve were 1) Steve's flash outlines are to the point and facilitate IRAC-ing essays and memorization process 2) Steve creates a personalized program based on your own needs and skills and sticks to it 3) Steve keeps you on a schedule, and keeps you accountable, this is the best for not falling behind as most of my friends did with Barbri 4) Steve coaches you on a personal level and will always make time to address your concerns. He is there to push you to your potential and makes you feel like you are not in this process alone 4) Lastly, Steve assesses your essays and MBEs just as a bar grader would. With Steve I completed multiple timed practice exams which helped me feel more confident on the day of the bar. Overall, Steve is just as invested in your success as you are and is an amazing coach to have throughout this process."—Pamela Dabdoub (Suffolk University Law School)

Steve's strategy to prepare for the bar exam is particularly designed to prepare you for whatever that comes your way on the exam. Steve's writing formula and strategy prepared me to write a clear, concise, and most importantly to write essays and performance tests that would receive a passing score on the bar. The line by line review of the essays and the multiple revisions of each essay made me realize my strengths and improve my weaknesses. Most importantly, Steve is not just a bar coach, he is also a life coach. Steve will not only assist you in passing the bar, he will make you a better attorney down the line as his comments and feedback will make you have a mindset of an ESQ. I was a part of the lowest passage rate (27% passage rate) from the February 18 bar exam, and I can confidently say I passed because of Steve. Steve has a DNA of a champion and a mindset of a winner and if you want to pass and make this bar exam your last, sign up with Steve and follow every single word he says.”--S.H. (Southwestern Law School)

“Words cannot express how grateful I am that I found Steve. After failing the bar twice, I was absolutely devastated. I started to think I could never pass.  Luckily, my friend referred me to Steve and the rest is history. His method just works. He covers every single practice essay and PT line by line and gives you honest and straightforward feedback. He tells you exactly how you should change it so it is exactly what the bar graders want to see. His drill-down exercises improved my MBE score drastically. Going over every wrong MBE question allowed me to identify patterns and truly understand why I got it wrong. His outlines were easy to understand and not overwhelmingly long as most commercial bar prep outlines are. By the time I sat for the exam, I was ready for whatever was going to be thrown my way. Do yourself a favor, and hire Steve. If you commit to his method and work hard, you too will have your name on the pass list!”—Emilia Gonzalez (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)